Our “Bollocks To Brexit” mini cooper is on the road putting out the message:

Corona Crisis + Brexit Disaster = Britastrophe
Bollocks To Brexit Mini
Bollocks To Brexit Mini

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Bollocks To Brexit

“BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT” has become the defining phrase of the grassroots Remain movement. The brand originated from the now iconic stickers sold and distributed by EU Flag Mafia.

The stickers have proven to be an effective means of attracting attention to our defiant message and to communicate a simple message: “BREXIT IS NOT A DONE DEAL”. EU Flag Mafia have sold/distributed over a million stickers so far. Grassroots campaign groups have targeted music festivals over the summer to increase youth engagement with the anti-Brexit campaign.

The traditional stickering of the Cabinet Office after anti-Brexit marches has become a hall mark of the campaign..

The BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT BUS team raised over £15, 000 through a crowdfunding campaign  to take the anti-Brexit brand on a bus tour around the UK, Brussels and Ireland. The BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT BUS tour ran from 7th-20th December.

BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT merchandise has proven to be an effective way to draw attention to the  anti-Brexit campaign and our message that “It’s not a done deal”. The campaign encourages British citizens to write to their MPs to demand a “Final Say” on the Brexit deal.

You can support the “BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT ” campaign to stop the Brexit madness that has consumed the UK by:

Its Not a Done Deal