Friday 7th


7 Dec 2018 – Westminster, London
‘Faux BoJo’ photographed by the press – Westminster, London
Protesters gather in the rain opposite the Houses of Parliament – Westminster, London
Madeleina Kay and Jack Dart speak in front of the Bollocks to Brexit bus – Westminster, London

Royal Courts of Justice

Royal Courts of Justice – Westminster, London
Madeleina Kay performs outside the Royal Courts of Justice – London


Islington For Europe gather outside Islington Town Hall – London


Faux BoJo performs in Boris Johnson’s constituency of Uxbridge – West London
Protesters gather in Uxbridge – West London
Faux BoJo poses for a selfie – Uxbridge, West London
Madeleina Kay captures a photo of Faux BoJo performing ‘King of the Bungle’ – Uxbridge, West London


Madeleina Kay performs in Theresa May’s constituency of Maidenhead – Berkshire
Madeleina Kay interviewed by German national broadcaster ARD – Maidenhead, Berkshire
Children watch the performers dressed in EU colours – Maidenhead, Berkshire
Faux BoJo performs with “MayBot 2.0” puppet – Maidenhead, Berkshire
Madeleina Kay performs to Maidenhead for Europe group – Maidenhead, Berkshire

Watch Bollocks to Brexit bus tour day 1

Watch Madeleina Kay’s video edits from the first day of the bollocks to Brexit bus tour

Its Not a Done Deal