Brexit A Gothic Novella

Aemilia Taylor-Nehab
Aemilia Taylor-Nehab

So I wrote this rather barmy book called “Brexit A Gothic Novella”.

It was meant to be dark, foreboding and haunting. It turned into a rather farcical light satire with mythical animals. It’s been referred to as a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”.

A Remain friend said to me recently that he found it “intriguing as a great call to sense, morality, rationalism.” This was lovely to hear, as though I failed on the haunting side, these are precisely the ethics I did indeed intend to draw attention to.

Brexit A Gothic Novella: A Remainer's Reflections by [Aemilia Taylor-Nehab]

In all my work, I am at pains to empathise with all – and this is my message.

Since the December 2019 election, I have shifted my resistance politically to Brexit, and relaxed into democratic acceptance. However, the sentiments behind my reasons for being a hardcore Remainer, which are spiritual – to do with togetherness,  before anything else (before the economy etc), are unchanged. Interestingly, too, I have been reconnected with the Remain band in the last couple of weeks – not least for having spent time with my relative, a former diplomat and now vicar – who is a steadfast member of Herefordshire for Europe. 

But both Brexit and resistance to Brexit, must be about all souls – and diffusing antagonism. It is easy to lash out at each other – and sometimes might seem more exciting. However, the answer is peace – and we have got to find it.

To add to this, I should mention that in spite of my fervent Remainism, my best friend is a Brexiteer. There seems to be no difference, on an individual level, in the goodness of people based on which way they voted, and I feel this is something we should all take care to notice and remember.

Everyone has their flaws and strengths, it is about the work ethic to understand each other, and I believe everyone, absolutely everyone, has the possibility to understand themselves and to be understood.

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