Media Coverage

One of the principle aims of the BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT BUS tour is to achieve media coverage  for the anti-Brexit campaign, to get the message out that “IT’S NOT A DONE DEAL” and to encourage people to write to their MPs to demand a FINAL SAY on Brexit.

We are also taking the bus tour to Ireland and Brussels to target European press with our message. We want to draw attention to the illegalities of the Leave campaign and to show our european friends & colleagues that Brexit is corrupt and manufactured by elites. It is NOT the “democratic” will of the People and there is a huge community fighting against it. Most British people want to remain part of our European family!

Coverage of the BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT BUS tour can be found below:

The New European (16/01/19)


The New European (21/12/18)

Mirror (20/12/18)

Essex Live (20/12/18)

East Anglian Daily Times 21/12/18

Eastern Daily Press (20/12/18)

Colchester Daily Gazette (20/12/18)

Northern echo (20/12/18)

York Press (19/12/18)

Newcastle Chronicle Live (19/12/18)

Glasgow Herald (19/12/18)

Daily Express (18/12/18)

Edinburgh Live (18/12/18)

York Mix (17/12/18)

The New European (17/12/18)

Irish Examiner (17/12/18)

Shropshire Star (17/12/18)

Irish Times (17/12/18)

Talk Radio (17/12/18)

Express & Star (17/12/18)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 15/12/18

Surrey Advertiser 14/12/18

WorcesterObserver 13/12/18

The New York Times (13/12/18)

New Federalist (13/12/18)

Nottinghamshire Live (10/12/18)

Banbury Guardian (10/12/18)

Cambridge 105 Radio 10/12/18

The New European 7/12/18

Daily Express 7/12/18

Leeds Live 6/12/18

Metro 6/12/18

Worcester News 1/12/18

The Guardian 25/11/18

Evening Standard 25/11/18

Its Not a Done Deal