Museum Assets

We have been in contact with several museums and they have expressed an interested in our suggestion of making a collection of memorabilia from the Remain campaign waged against Brexit. We are therefore collating a list of items to be offered to the museum.  

If you have any items that you believe worthy of contributing to this collection and wish to donate, please describe them on the form below. Items might range from stickers and badges to videos or from placards and songs to berets – or potentially anything else. Items may be mundane, amusing, redolent of the spirit of the campaign and campaigners or just ‘different’. Items expressing a continuing intention for the UK to remain a close partner of continental Europe will be welcome.  

When adding your items to the form, try to give all details plus any special or non-obvious reason you may have for your offer – and maybe a brief comment such as a phrase or caption to go with the item that expresses its provenance and significance to the campaign, to yourself or to your group. 

We will usually expect that items offered are to become part of a permanent collection, if however, your offer is for loan please mention that. If you can think of items that should be included but which you don’t have yourself, feel free to suggest these to whoever else may have them and send them a copy of this mail. 

When we have completed the collation and received a response from the museum about its contents, we will be in touch to let you know which items are to be included and the arrangements for getting them to the museum. Please hang onto the items until you here from us. Museums in our experience move very slowly so this could take some time.

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