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The Bollocks to Brexit Bus will tour 50 destinations across the UK, Belgium and Ireland.

Our ‘Bollocks to brexit’ bus will be bold and fun, sparking public debate to engage people all over the UK in the conversation about Brexit and the benefits of remaining in the EU. Many people feel disillusioned by Brexit; from the lies and potential criminality of the Leave campaign, to the way in which the government have handled the process. Our ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ campaign aims to motivate people to write letters to their MPs to demand a “final say” and to become more active in the campaign to stop Brexit.

The ‘Bollocks to brexit’ brand has seen 700,000 ‘Bollocks to brexit’ stickers sold on the @EUFlagMafia’ online store. They have now become an iconic element of anti-Brexit protests, notably the traditional post-march stickering of the cabinet office. The stickers are instantly recognisable and very popular at any event, especially amongst the youth at music festivals.

We will have the bus wrapped in a radiant yellow with the following text on the side:

The bus will stop in towns and cities across the UK and stage rallies for the local pro EU groups. We will have an MC and speakers on the bus tour, who will give the facts based case to stop Brexit, alongside musical performances from @MadeleinaKay the #EUsupergirl and Drew Galdon (our singing Boris Johnson impersonator known as @FauxBoJo). We will have a large stock of ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ stickers to give out to everyone attending the rally, along with Madeleina Kay’s #24ReasonstoRemain posters and fact booklets.

We are visiting Brussels and Dublin on the tour to target European and international press with our anti Brexit message, highlighting the corruption of the Leave campaign. We believe Brexit is NOT the democratic “will of the People”. Public opinion has shifted and most British people now want to reject Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, and stay in the European Union.

It’s time for British citizens to be bold and proud, and say: BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT!


Bus Phone: (+44)7780 772765

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