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Not do shy if you listen to @EdwardJDavey speech at York @DoddsJane ( Welsh @libdems leader ) speech last week ... #BollocksToBrexit

Thank you @tattydevine for the necklace to keep our passport photos in the EU, if not our whole passports. @CoralStevens being a chip off the old block. 💛🇪🇺💙 #stilleuropean #bollockstobrexit

We should have been doing this for the last 5 years at least.

Being keyboard warriors gets us nowhere fast.

Stand up against these rabid Tory liars and conmen!.

Are you near Leeds? Then join @LeedsEurope on their #DayForRejoin rally tomorrow

Others happening all over the UK + 3 in Spain organised by Bremain in partnership with @VoltEspana

See all the details here at @MarchForRejoin

#RejoinEU #BollocksToBrexit

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Its Not a Done Deal